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Goals Chief Diversity Officer

Equity, inclusion and diversity

The goals below are based on the report ‘Let's Do Diversity’ and follow the themes in this report. The role of the Chief Diversity Officer’s team is to involve UvA faculties in implementing the diversity policy. The Chief Diversity Officer leads the diversity team and will consult with the Faculty Diversity Officers, supporting them in developing a diversity policy based on the needs of each faculty. The Chief Diversity Officer will also map initiatives within the faculties and check whether there is sufficient progress. The faculty Diversity Officers must be offered human and financial resources to carry out their duties.


  • A university that is committed to equality, inclusion and diversity
  • A welcoming university for a diverse student population and employees
  • A university that highly values knowledge about diversity
  • A university that cultivates knowledge about diversity
  • A university that is in contact with local communities

A university committed to equity, inclusion and diversity

Strong anchoring of social justice and diversity (“Let’s do diversity”)

  1. Creation of equity, inclusion & diversity policy: central and decentralized approach, with room for each faculty to focus on issues in their own spheres
    - Formulation of concrete short-term and long-term goals
    - Anchor goals in obligatory actions
  2. Participation and consultation of all members in the university community
  3. Financial and organizational, top down and bottom up support for equity, inclusion and diversity
  4. Join diversity networks: National and international collaboration with other universities and educational institutions, Draw on expertise/learn from best practices from other groups and institutions
  5. Make diversity information accessible, comprehensive, and transparent
  6. Research, assess, monitor and track progress of equity, inclusion, and diversity in all faculties

A welcoming university for a diverse student population and workforce

Opening the university to the diversity in society (“Let’s do diversity”)

  1. Demographics: Enhancing and tracking diversity of staff and student body (recruitment and retainment)
  2. Researching effect of temporary vs. permanent contracts
  3. Change hiring and recruitment procedures to attract students and staff from under-represented communities
  4. Bridging programmes
  5. Accessibility: make UvA buildings accessible to all
  6. Raise awareness re. diversity policy and issues of equity, inclusivity and diversity
  7. Ensure accountability for discriminatory behaviour and create safer and more effective mechanisms to deal with exclusion of marginalised groups

A university cultivating diversity literacy

From egalitarian thinking to ‘diversity literacy, from ‘closed’ to ‘open’ knowledge (“Let’s do diversity”)

  1. Develop diversity literacy: For example, diversity courses to train UvA staff and students, use of Diversity-informed language in formal and informal UvA communication
  2. Create participatory, inclusive, and safe learning environment

A university embracing diversity of knowledges

  1. Provide staff with tools and resources to incorporate equity, inclusion, and diversity into their teaching and curriculum, such as curricula scans
  2. Make equity, inclusion and diversity an integral part of teaching methods and evaluations for courses, teachers, and research
  3. With regard to social inequalities, raising awareness on positionality of students and staff
  4. Connect curricula and teaching to real-world experiences (transitionality)

A university in touch with the local communities

  1. Strengthen community ties and liaise with community leaders
  2. Increasing accessibility of the UvA to under-represented communities
  3. Provide educational and professional opportunities for community cooperation
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