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Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Grassroots Fund

Receive €1000 for your diversity initiative

Do you have an idea to make the UvA fairer, more inclusive or more diversity sensitive? Or are you already committed to an existing project that could use some financial support? Then you can apply for €1000 through the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Grassroots fund in order to facilitate your idea or initiative.

What is the Grassroots fund?

The CDO team provides a Grassroots fund of up to €1000 each month to set up or expand a diversity-related grassroots initiative at the UvA. This is open to all students and staff. Grassroots initiatives are bottom-up initiatives rather than top-down initiatives. They originate from the UvA community, rather than the Executive Board or management. Each phase of the change process towards a more diverse and inclusive culture requires a specific approach, and grassroots initiatives are valuable catalysts for change and innovation.

When can I apply for a Grassroots fund?

All students and staff are welcome to apply to the Grassroots fund for any initiatives that contribute to a more inclusive UvA community. Potential initiatives share the focus of the CDO: creating an inclusive and more equitable university.

Some previous recipients include, for example:

  • Accent – Magazine for social insights

    With an investment from the Grassroots Fund, the Accent Foundation could compile, print and distribute the first edition of its Accent Magazine. The magazine is sold at Athenaeum Bookstores, the Stedelijk Museum and the San Serriffe bookshop, among others, and offers social insights. Find more information on the Accent Magazine website.

  • Us together; a podcast series about inclusion and exclusion at Amsterdam UMC

    Unfortunately, discrimination and exclusion take place at the Amsterdam UMC. In six episodes, Manon Stockmann discusses this with colleagues and medical students. Podcast ‘Us Together’ brings people together to talk about their experience with being different, experiencing prejudice and being resilient. With this podcast, they want to create awareness about the effect inclusion and exclusion have on colleagues (in training). You can find the podcast on Spotify (in Dutch).

  • Foundation 'het Waterfeest'

    Foundation ‘Het Waterfeest’ uses a happy and cheerful method to introduce kids to important themes that connect to our (envisioned) future of the Netherlands. The ‘Waterfeest’ encourages children (and everyone else involved) to think about the position of refugees in the Netherlands, about diversity and inclusion at school and sustainability. With a financial contribution from the Grassroots Fund, the foundation could support bachelor students in their work for the Waterfeest and allow master students to research the scientific anchoring of the project.

How can I apply?

You can apply for a Grassroots fund by filling out the application form below. Please provide a summary of your initiative, name your (intended) target group and when you need the budget. Don’t forget to download and email your budget plan and to read the Terms and Conditions. You will hear from us within two weeks of submitting your application.

Download the Terms and Conditions

More information

Do you have a question about the Grassroots fund? Or would you like to know more? Please contact the CDO team