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Meet Your Mentor programme


Meet Your Mentor supports Dutch students with an ethnic minority background in their transfer into the Dutch job market, specifically third year Bachelor's students or Master's students who study at UvA’s faculties FEB, FGw, FMG, FNWI of FdR.

The programme offers a mentor to students who want to explore the Dutch job market. With the mentor, students will discuss their personal challenges and discover their strength as a future young professional. The language used on the platform is Dutch. International students who need support can reach out to UvA’s career centre.

Foto's: Yunfu Duan

Aims and timeline

The outcomes of the programme can be different for each person, because learning targets differ per person. MYM doesn’t guarantee a job, but supports students with enhancing their chances of landing a suitable job. What we are aiming to reach at the end of the programme (6 months) is that students:

  • are more confident about their position on the job market
  • have determined more focus and direction for their future
  • are more able to profile themselves optimally

The match between mentors and mentees will be based on the registration form and the available mentors.


The programme consists out of:

  1. Kick-off meeting: After subscription and successful matching the project manager will contact students to invite them to the kick-off Meeting. At this event students will get acquainted with the other mentees and their mentor.
  2. Online mentoring platform: After the kick-off you students get to work with their mentor. They will gain access to the online platform and study the preparatory workshop module. This module offers tips how to take the most advantage of this mentor programme.
  3. Personal meetings: After working through the online preparatory workshop module, students will plan at least one meeting a month with their mentor. They are free to determine the exact time and location for this meeting with your mentor.
  4. Closing meeting: Just like the kick off, we invite all the students and mentors for a closing meeting in which we will look back on the programme.

During the entire programme, project manager Meltem Halaceli will be available for mediation and/or questions.

More information

For more information go to or contact project manager Meltem Halaceli (for questions only, not to register).