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Here you can find the UvA's most recent documents relating to finances, including the annual budget and annual reports.

  • Framework Letter

    The Framework Letter forms the start of a new planning and control cycle. In this Letter, all the UvA’s organisational units indicate what they want to achieve in the upcoming year, how they are going to do this and how much money this will require. It then describes expected external developments and financial constraints. In other words, the units can use the Framework Letter as a starting point and basis they can use to draw up their budget. It is a first step towards achieving a balanced budget.

    Framework Letter 2020 (English)

    Q&A about the 2020 Framework Letter

  • Allocation model

    The Executive Board has approved the final description of the new allocation model. This model, which describes how primary funding (government grants and tuition fees) will be allocated, has been updated over the past two years based on input from the academic community and in collaboration with the representative advisory bodies. The document describing the allocation model is only available in Dutch, but an FAQ on the allocation model is available in English.

    UvA Allocation model (PDF, in Dutch)