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What you can do

Mentoring, talent programmes and training

Read more about mentoring programmes and training courses on the diversity and inclusion pages.

For supervisors

For supervisors, there are Academic Leadership and Strategic Leadership courses (in Dutch) that pay attention to social safety.

Need help?

See which individuals or institutions you can turn to in the support guide for students and the support guide for staff

In-depth group conversations

The Social Safety Taskforce was engaging in discussions with students and staff to gather information for plans and recommendations to strengthen social safety. During the discussions, participants were able to exchange perspectives on social safety at the university and share what they think could or should be different at the UvA. An online questionnaire was available as well.

Performance of 'The Learning Curve'

Through the play 'The Learning Curve,' about harassment at universities, the Social Safety Taskforce wants to stimulate discussions about social safety. The play shows intimidation in academia while at the same time providing a space for exploring ways to tackle problems. The play will be performed on several campuses in 2021.

Questions or suggestions

You can submit questions or suggestions for the taskforce using the response form:

The Taskforce is also working on recommendations in the field of organisational culture, policy and communication. From early 2021, more specific attention will be paid to awareness of social safety and making it possible to discuss it openly.