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Audience Award FGw Education Award 2021

We will be handing out an Audience Award in 2021, too. Everyone can vote for one of the six nominees; you can learn more about the nominated courses by watching the videos below. The course with the most votes will win the Audience Award. Voting is now open! Cast your vote via this page before 23 June.

The nominated courses:

  • Rhetoric and Writing - (Bachelor's English Language and Culture) - Imogen Cohen
  • Contemporary World Literature - (Bachelor's English Language and Culture) – Emelia Quinn
  • Critical theories - (Master's Filosofie) - Daniel Loick
  • Ken je Plaats: Wereldbeeld, Identiteit, en Conflict, 1550 tot 1650 – (Bachelor's Geschiedenis) - Djoeke van Netten and Jonas van Tol
  • Biophilia – (Bachelor's Cultuurwetenschappen) – Erik de Jong
  • De militaire revolutie. Oorlog en samenleving in de vroegmoderne tijd - (Master's Militaire Geschiedenis) - Djoeke van Netten and Jonas van Tol

View the videos of the courses and vote for your favourite course via the form below. During the award ceremony of the Education Award on 1 July (16:00), the winner of the Audience Award will be announced, too. Sign up via the page below and attend the online award ceremony.