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CiSAI Themes

Citizens, Society and Artificial Intelligence (CiSAI)

The platform 'Citizens, Society and Artificial Intelligence (CiSAI)' unites social and behavioural science researchers who analyse the effects of AI on societal dynamics and on the lives of individual citizens. CiSAI focuses on the following themes.

AI & Democracy, media and public opinion

AI can contribute to communication bubbles, systematic misinformation and polarization. In that way, AI affects and may damage democratic decision-making dynamics.

AI & Inequalities

AI systems could affect patterns of inequality in a whole range of ways. A central worry is that AI systems blindly reproduce unequal historical patterns in social interaction.

Public policy and governance of AI

AI has broad implications for social life and politics. It is essential to understand better how and by whom it is governed, and why so.

AI & Consumption

As more and more people consume cultural content through digital portals (Netflix, Spotify, etc.), their consumption patterns are shaped by the choices that AI systems make for them.

The reconfiguration of (public) space through AI

Around the world, authorities monitor citizen behavior in public spaces with AI-driven camera surveillance. These monitoring systems tend to form part of oppressive state policies towards citizens, but also provide unique opportunities to understand and explain real-life behavior.

AI & the reorganization of the workplace

Complicated AI-human interactions can change the experience of work. To cope with these changes, employees need to continuously adapt and learn new skills to use AI technology in their daily work routines.