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Committees of the Central Works Council

Central Works Council committees have been set up in order to thoroughly prepare certain issues in a smaller context, before they are discussed in the COR meeting. These permanent and temporary committees issue recommendations on various issues, allowing the COR to reach a well-considered recommendation and/or decision. The committee meetings are public.

HRM committee

This committee mainly focuses on personnel and occupational health and safety policy and matters relating to the organisation.

  • Committee members: Iris Breetvelt, Estela Gonzalez, Rob Huygens, Irene Kraal and Marian Sluijs
  • Chair: Marian Sluijs

Items on the agenda:

  • HRM policy as a whole
  • New Ways of Working, working from home
  • Flexible staff training and career policy
  • Life-phase-oriented personnel policy
  • Joint decision-making in the UvA Holding
  • Work pressure
  • Safety policy/occupational health and safety
  • Copyright

Finance committee

This committee advises the COR on important financial documents such as the budget and quarterly reports.

  • Committee members: Cees Kleverlaan, Edward Pasman, Piet Rodenburg and Otto van Tubergen
  • Chair: Edward Pasman

Items on the agenda:

  • Framework letter and budget
  • UvA annual accounts and annual report
  • Financial and management control
  • SIS

Accommodations committee

In close collaboration with the Finance committee, this committee is involved in the recommendations ensuing from the annual updating of the UvA Accommodations Plan.

  • Committee members: Jonneke Bekkenkamp, Rob Huygens, Gerwin van der Pol, Piet Rodenburg and Otto van Tubergen
  • Chair: Otto van Tubergen

Items on the agenda:

  • Accommodations Plan/Long-Term Accommodations Plan
  • Sustainability
  • Overall safety
  • Construction activities (Roeterseiland Campus and University Quarter)
  • Reputation management

Teaching and Research committee

This committee focuses in matters relating to teaching and research and the quality thereof.

  • Committee members: Erella Grassiani, Cees Kleverlaan, Gerwin van der Pol and Taco Walstra.
  • Chair: Taco Walstra

Items on the agenda:

  • Research vision
  • Research priority areas
  • UvA profile & performance agreements
  • Institutional audit, quality assurance
  • Stopping and creating study programmes
  • Valorisation
  • Academic integrity
  • University teaching qualification for UvA lecturers

Privacy, Information Technology and Data Protection committee

This temporary committee has been set up in order to assess and monitor information relating to digital processes and privacy policy more effectively.

  • Committee members: Estela Gonzalez, Sanne Landhuis and Taco Walstra.

Items on the agenda:

  • HR processes and personnel files
  • Information security policy
  • Privacy policy
  • GDPR