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Joint Meeting

Joint participation in decision-making by staff and students is exercised in the Joint Meeting (GV). The Joint Meeting is composed of members of the Central Works Council (COR) and of the Central Student Council (CSR).

The Joint Meeting has two forms of meeting: a compulsory Joint Meeting of the COR and the CSR, and a Joint Consultative Meeting (GOV) with members of the Joint Meeting and members of the Executive Board.

The Chair and the Deputy Chair of the Joint Meeting are elected from the members of the Joint Meeting. The Chair for the 2018-2019 academic year is Roeland Voorbergen. He is also Chair of the CSR. The official secretariat of the GV is assigned to the COR.

The Executive Board requires the consent of the Joint Meeting for any decision regarding the adoption or amendment of:

  • the Strategic Plan
  • the design of the quality assurance system
  • the Management and Administration Regulations of the UvA
  • Joint Meeting Regulations
Standing regulations for the Joint Meeting (2018)