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The University of Amsterdam’s vision on teaching and learning reflects developments in society and in the educational community, while also looking to shape those developments. In this policy document, we examine what sort of university we want to be and how we can go about achieving that.

Education at the UvA is research-intensive, centred on academic development and serves to promote further differentiation and specialisation. For this, we need students who are intrinsically motivated and ambitious, and we must further invest in the professionalisation of our lecturers.

Four ambitions describe the UvA’s direction

This updated Vision on Teaching and Learning sets out four educational ambitions:

  1. We will focus on the development of motivated and ambitious students by offering high-quality, innovative education.
  2. We are a broad, research-intensive university, and we help our students to acquire the skills and knowledge they will need to flourish in an increasingly complex world.
  3. We strive to be an open and diverse community in which all students feel at home and have access to the same opportunities.
  4. We assign responsibility for education to our lecturers where possible, focusing intensively on support, knowledge sharing and the professionalism of our lecturers.