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2015 Annual Report

2015 was a turbulent year, but also a year in which the University of Amsterdam (UvA) strengthened its position in research and education, both in Amsterdam and in the world. This is evident from the 2015 annual report and annual statement of accounts.

The call for change rang loudly throughout the UvA in the spring of 2015. The Executive Board responded with a ten-point plan aimed at various reforms. Concrete steps have since been taken, in consultation with the Student Council and Works Council. The councils gained the right of approval on the budget; a new HR agenda was established; a student assessor appointed to the Executive Board; committees of inquiry got to work; and the hall of the Maagdenhuis put to use for debates.

Strategic Plan 2015-2020

In June 2015, the UvA published its Strategic Plan 2015-2020, entitled Boundless curiosity. The key pillars are education, research and innovation, supported by talent policy, finances and infrastructure. Internationalisation has a prominent place in the plan. The report is structured along these key pillars.

Results of profile and performance agreements

In 2015, the UvA met the profile and performance agreements made in 2012 with the Minister of Education. The performance agreements include measurable objectives based on six indicators of educational quality and academic success.

2015 financial results

The non-consolidated financial result for 2015 was -€ 8.8 million, while the budget forecast a deficit of €27.8 million. The financial ratios are well above the alert level of the Inspectorate of Education.

Looking to the future

The budget in 2016 is a well-founded (multi-year) budget, which gives a realistic picture of the actual deficits in the coming years. From 2018, the UvA expects a positive result; various measures have been taken to achieve this.