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Project Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Preparations for the new strategic plan, which takes effect in January 2021, will start in the autumn of 2019. This page provides information about the process and how you can contribute.

Why a strategic plan?

A strategic plan provides clarity on the UvA’s direction: what do we want to achieve in the coming years and how do we want to do that? Our mission and core values form the starting point as we work towards our longer term vision. A strategic plan also provides insight into external factors and strategic choices that we must make. A good strategic plan thus provides clarity about our direction and serves as a guide for making decisions about what we will and won’t do, and how we will do that

What's new?

The time frame for the strategic plan is six years. The current strategic plan was established in 2015 and will therefore run until the end of 2020. Preparations for the new strategic plan (2021-2026) will start in the autumn of 2019. The adoption of the new strategic plan is planned for the end of 2020, so that it can take effect from January 2021.

How can I contribute?

In preparing the new strategic plan, we want to allow sufficient time and to do it as much as possible together with the academic community. We will therefore involve staff and students at different stages in the process. Sometimes this will be done by invitation, but mostly by giving everyone the opportunity to share their opinion and ideas in a way that suits them best. This could be through roundtable discussions, an ideas box, informal discussion meetings, lunch sessions or by contributing ideas online. We think it is important that everyone can contribute, even if you don’t have much time or substantive knowledge.

Until 12 March 2020, UvA students and staff were able to respond to the document ' Outlines for the 2021 - 2026 strategic plan'  on the online platform Have your say at the UvA

Want to know more about the strategic plan?

In the coming period, you’ll receive more information through the regular channels about when and how you can contribute. Information about the new strategic plan will be made available on this page.