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Point 07: strengthening the relationship between teaching and research and

The UvA's new career development policy, which was agreed in December 2017, strengthens the relationship between teaching and research. A career development policy is one of the five priorities in the HR Agenda.

In the past two years, extensive effort has been devoted to reinforcing the UvA's HR policy, for example by establishing an HR Agenda for the years to come and by processing the effects of this agenda into an action plan.

One of the guiding principles was to strengthen the bond between research and teaching by introducing a new career development model that values teaching and research equally. Restricting the number of temporary positions remains high on the agenda. The five priorities in the HR Agenda, which was established at the end of 2015 in close consultation with the deans and the representative advisory bodies, are as follows:

  • an appropriate balance between employees on permanent and temporary contracts
  • strategic staff planning: further development of academic career development policy
  • improvement of the annual consultations 
  • continued leadership development

Elaboration of the HR Agenda

In the second half of 2016, major steps were taken to elaborate the HR Agenda into policy documents. The common theme of these efforts was talent development, mobility and long-term employability. 

In 2017, there were several formal and informal consultation meetings with the COR about the content of these policy documents. Eventually, the Executive Board adopted four out of these five documents. To bring about a better understanding of the content of the four adopted policy documents, staff versions have been developed and made available online.

The career development policy document includes a key objective for academic staff to 'strike a better balance between the valuation of teaching and research'. In addition, the Framework for Requirements for Appointments and Promotions of UvA Academic Staff will be modernised to place additional emphasis on teaching performance.

For 'an appropriate balance between permanent and temporary staff', see point 08. 

Collaboration during formulation of the documents

The HR Agenda policy documents were formulated in collaboration with the faculties and units based on countless discussions with supervisors and staff and consultations with a wide range of experts both within and outside the UvA. The University Local Consultative Committee (UCLO) and the COR participated in this process and asked questions during informal meetings. Moreover, each policy document was examined separately together with the COR.

These plans will be implemented between 2018 and 2020 in the same way that the HR Agenda was developed, which is to say in a spirit of consultation and collaboration between the HR policy department and the P&O departments of the various faculties and units. All details of the nature and the schedule of the implementation will be disseminated throughout the organisation. The first participants in the UvA Academic Leadership Programme started in March 2018.