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Museums, Special Collections and the UvA Library

Discover the UvA's heritage collections, from Egyptian antiquities to Blaeu atlases, on display at various UvA museums and libraries and online.

Special collections

From medieval manuscripts and Blaeu atlases to wall charts, font designs, cookery books and cartoons: the Special Collections are home to the UvA’s material heritage.

Images online

Search our image database for digitised paintings, prints, photographs and posters from the UvA’s Special Collections and Allard Pierson collection.

Allard Pierson

Discover the ancient civilisations of Egypt, the Near East, the Greek World, Etruria and the Roman Empire. Art objects and utensils dating from 4000 BC to 500 AD show everyday life, mythology and religion in antiquity.


UvA staff and students can freely access over 4 million volumes, including books, journals and digital collections (e-books and e-journals). The UvA Library has 20 locations, 2,600 study places and 1,100 computers available for use.

Museum Vrolik

19th-century medical professor Gerardus Vrolik began this collection which includes over 10,000 anatomical and embryological specimens, skeletons and skulls, and anatomical models and reconstructions.

Computer museum

This collection of electronic computing equipment illustrates the progress in computer technology and its use from World War II to the present day.