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Museums, the Library and collections

Allard Pierson

From Egyptian antiquities to Blaeu atlases, and from medieval manuscripts to contemporary graphic design, the Allard Pierson has a wide variety of the UvA's collections available to the public and to researchers. ...


The University of Amsterdam Library has an enormous collection of around four million books and journals and internationally renowned heritage collections in various fields. These heritage collections are available ...

Collections image bank

Search the image bank for digitised paintings, prints, photos, and other items from the Allard Pierson's collections. The Allard Pierson is a museum and knowledge institute that manages the heritage collections of ...

Museum Vrolik

19th-century medical professor Gerardus Vrolik began this collection which includes over 10,000 anatomical and embryological specimens, skeletons and skulls, and anatomical models and reconstructions.

Computer museum

This collection of electronic computing equipment is managed by the Allard Pierson. The collection illustrates the progress in computer technology and its use from the Second World War to the present day.