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Working at the UvA

Social activities

While you might have more pressing concerns following your arrival in the Netherlands, it is nonetheless important to participate in social life and meet new people, as these are essential ingredients for a satisfying, productive stay. Depending on where you work, your immediate colleagues might be a melange of different nationalities, which would make it easier to form lasting friendships. However, you may also want to meet people outside of your work.

Meeting other expatriates  

Meeting other foreigners may be the easiest way of quickly finding friends in a foreign country. Some places to start:

  • Dutch language classes (see section below)
  • international associations
  • social activities for expats
  • international sports clubs

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Mingling with the locals

Aside from expanding your circle of international contacts, you might also specifically want to make Dutch friends. Some of the places where you'll be able to meet Dutch people include:

  • the University Sports Centre
  • hobby classes
  • local events, such as street festivals
  • volunteer work

University Sports Centre website

Creative arts classes (CREA)

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