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Experience the power of imagination in education during UvA Education Day 2023 on 23 May from 11.30 until 17.30. Join us at the Tolhuistuin with dr. Maryn Wilkinson as your chair of the day. Would you like to practice limitless thinking together, discover the possibilities of imagination and step outside of your comfort zone? Keynote speakers prof.dr. Finn Thorbjørn Hansen and dr. Kim van Broekhoven will lead you into the world of creativity, imagination and ‘Deep Wonder’. Please register now and discover what imagination can do for education.

Event details of Uva Education Day: Imagination in education
Date 23 May 2023
Time 11:30 -17:30

Celebration of education

The UvA Education Day 2023 will take place at the inspiring location Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam North. This day is a celebration of education in which UvA educators and other colleagues from all faculties can participate. On the UvA Education Day we focus together on the importance of educators and their education and current trends within the UvA. The theme 'imagination' will be the focus of the upcoming UvA Education Day. During the day, you will see how powerful this innovative theme is. Imagination supports our students in forming deep connections to the subject matter, leading to sustainable knowledge and insights.

Plenty of time for conversation and interaction
Besides two striking keynotes, there will be plenty of time for conversation and interaction with colleagues.

During the group sessions, you will explore with colleagues one of the nine topics you are interested in. All topics fit within the theme ‘Imagination’. The group sessions last 1.5 hours and are given by UvA colleagues from different faculties.

Tip: do not wait too long to register. The group sessions have a maximum number of attendees.

Prof Dr Finn Thorbjørn Hansen
Prof Dr Finn Thorbjørn Hansen

Prof Dr Finn Thorbjørn Hansen | Realizing creativity and innovation in higher education with 'Deep Wonder'

Prof Dr Finn Thorbjørn Hansen is a Professor in Applied Philosophy at the Department of Culture and Learning at the University of Aalborg, Denmark. His research field and practical training courses are about 'phenomenology of wonder', existential phenomenology and philosophical hermeneutics and especially wonder-based practices, dialogues, reflections and writings in higher education and professional development. At the University of Aalborg, Finn Hansen leads a research unit called Wonder Lab. Here he has developed different forms of contemplative and wonder-based practices and 'workshops', with different types of professionals in different professional settings. He has written several books on this topic. In his keynote address, Finn will focus on learning to innovate in higher education through deep wonder.

Dr Kim van Broekhoven
Dr Kim van Broekhoven

Dr Kim van Broekhoven | Students’ creativity in higher education: the do’s and don’ts

In a continuously changing society, policy makers have recognized that creativity should be cultivated in higher education to tackle increasingly complex problems that cannot be addressed by individuals alone, such as ageing or environmental change. Educators generally strongly believe in cultivating creativity among their students, but they indicate a lack of knowledge and skills to do so. This talk will give educators more clarity on what creativity means in the educational context, and why it is so important for students. Furthermore, it will provide educators with practical tips and tricks for fostering creativity in their students. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, or other education professional, you will leave this talk with a deeper understanding of the importance of creativity in education, as well as concrete strategies for fostering creativity in your own students.

Dr. Kim van Broekhoven is an Assistant Professor in Educational Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research interests involve the development and measurement of creativity in higher education. For her research, she won several grants. She was recently awarded with the Ruth B. Noller Grant for her emerging and paradigm-shifting research, with high potential for impact in the field of creative education studies. Kim has research affiliations with Maastricht and Radboud University, and the University of South Australia. In her keynote address, Kim will focus on the do’s and don’ts regarding students’ creativity in higher education.

Dr Maryn Wilkinson
Dr Maryn Wilkinson

Dr Maryn Wilkinson | Chair UvA Education Day 2023

The UvA Education Day 2023 will be presented by dr. Maryn Wilkinson. Wilkinson is Assistant Professor in Film Studies for the Department of Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam. Her research focuses on film, politics and aesthetics, feminist theory, and popular culture. She has recently joined the Teaching & Learning Centre as an educational expert for the Faculty of Humanities.

About the group sessions

There are nine diverse topics to choose from. From drawing as a method to help students visualize their thinking to Object-based-learning in the Allard Pierson. From applying VR in higher education to using imagination to create a creative campus.