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The ivory tower is a thing of the past, as these days scientists and students play an active and outspoken role in public debate. During the opening of the 2019-2020 academic year staff and students will talk about how they express their engagement with topical issues and participate in the public arena.

Event details of Opening of 2019-2020 academic year
Date 2 September 2019
Time 14:30 -18:00
Speakers participating in the 2019-2020 opening of the academic year

The presentations will be in Dutch, but an interpreter will be on hand to provide live translation into English. You can pick up a head set at the entrance. A sign language interpreter (Dutch) will also be present.


14:30   Doors open

15:00  Official opening:

  • President of the Executive Board Geert ten Dam will talk about the vital importance of science to society. We want to do inspired work in a free academic setting that values debate. How can we keep our academic spirit alive and kicking?
  • Philosopher Laureate of the Netherlands and UvA lecturer Daan Roovers will talk about ‘Public knowledge’: what is the relationship between academic expertise and the public now that all the world’s information can be found on the internet? Read an interview with Daan Roovers.
  • Music by Any Blue Koor, one of CREA’s permanent choirs, led by singing teacher and choir director Mirjam van Dam.
  • Moataz Rageb, Master’s student of Sociology and former student assessor will read a spoken column, ‘Students for Amsterdam’. Read an interview with Moataz Rageb.
  • Do you FanSea a Straw? With their startup, students Jasper Luijendijk, Michelle Nierop and Vera van Laarhoven use the oceans’ own potential to help tackle plastic pollution. Read an interview with FanSea.
  • Amade M’charek, professor of  Anthroplogy of Science, presents a visual essay, ‘Traces of displacement’. She argues that care for the dead bodies and belongings of migrant victims allows us to broaden and redefine forensics. Read an interview with Amade M'charek.
  • Portraits of scientific engagement in society, filmed by students of the Master’s in Journalism and Media. 

16:30  Drinks at the Maagdenhuis