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AI could revolutionise healthcare. It has the potential to improve quality of care by improving diagnosis and prognosis, reducing healthcare costs through automation, and making care widely available. Although AI is thought to be widely used in hospitals, the reality is more nuanced.

Event details of Ivana Išgum: Developing AI for healthcare
Date 29 September 2021
Time 14:00 -15:00

There are still questions to be addressed regarding the ability of the methods to generalise and adapt to new data, interpretability of the automatic decisions, and the ability of the methods to automatically control the quality of their performance.

Through the research performed at the Quantitative healthcare analysis group (qurAI), which is embedded in the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science at the University of Amsterdam, I will illustrate how we develop and evaluate novel AI solutions to solve data analysis challenges encountered in different steps of the patient pathway and challenges towards clinical integration of the AI methods.


The event will be held online. You'll receive a Zoom link after registering.

About the webinar series ‘Human Conversations’

The webinar series Humane Conversations connects researchers from various disciplines to discuss AI research topics, with a particular focus on human-centred AI. The first speaker was Prof. Max Welling, from the UvA Faculty of Science, who addressed the topic What’s happening in AI research and what does it mean for Humane AI?

About the Research Priority Area Human(e) AI

The University of Amsterdam has designated Human(e) AI as one of its research priority areas. The aim is to bring synergy to ongoing work on AI and stimulate new research at the UvA on the societal consequences of the rapid development of artificial intelligence and automated decision-making.