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The arrival of social media has definitively changed the field of marketing for both businesses and academics. Companies now operate in a much more complex context.

Event details of Social media is radically changing the field of marketing
Date 8 February 2013
Time 16:00
Prof. Willemijn (WM) van Dolen, professor Marketing

In a journey that touches on Facebook depression, Facebook therapy, loss of control, increased transparency, monitoring, participation and ‘big data’, Willemijn van Dolen will speak about these changes in her inaugural lecture and offer her vision of the future.

Companies are confronted with new consumer behaviour: consumers can sing praise regarding their experience with a company and post a clip of this on YouTube. They might cry because of the poor level of service and tweet this, or laugh about a campaign and show their appreciation with a like.

Van Dolen suggests that this new behaviour results in less control for companies and leads to more transparency. In addition, new marketing possibilities for companies  emerge, but their effectiveness is unproven yet. Finally, she  states that social media usage is growing exponentially, resulting in a torrent of data raining down on companies. What can businesses do in this complex environment?

Social media is also changing the science of marketing. It not only influences what academics study, but also how they conduct their research. New research questions arise along with new methods and new sources of data. During her inaugural lecture Professor Van Dolen will examine what this means for science.

Ms W. van Dolen, Professor of Marketing: Zing, Post, Huil, Tweet, Lach, Like en Verwonder (‘Sing, Post, Cry, Tweet, Laugh, Like and Wonder’).


 Auditorium of the UvA
Singel 411

1012 WN  Amsterdam