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Our capacity for moral awareness is an adaptation that enables us to achieve more by working together than we could alone. But there’s another side to this moral awareness, claims Matthijs van Veelen in his inaugural lecture. He argues that there are signs indicating that our moral capacity cannot escape the inherent tensions between the interests of individuals and the collective.

Event details of The evolution of good and evil
Date 6 April 2016
Time 16:00 -17:00
Location Aula - Oude Lutherse kerk
Room Location
Matthijs van Veelen
Photo by Marieke Wijntjes

C.M. van Veelen, professor of Evolution and Behaviour: Goed en Kwaad: wat is het en waar komt het vandaan?


This event is open to the public.

(Please note that this lecture is in Dutch.)

Aula - Oude Lutherse kerk

Room Location

Singel 411
1012 XM Amsterdam