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There is something awry in the relationship between the European Union and the national welfare states, states Frank Vandenbroucke in his inaugural lecture. "The reality of the currency union, in particular, forces us to reconsider this relationship," argues Vandenbroucke, "because the current architecture continues to be subject to great risks."

Event details of Social policy in the EU: towards a union of welfare states
Date 1 June 2016
Time 16:00
Location Aula - Oude Lutherse kerk
Room Location
graag voor gebuik overleggen met UvA Persvoorlichting, te: 2695.
Photo by Jeroen Oerlemans

F.J. Vandenbroucke, University Professor: Sociaal beleid in een muntunie: puzzels, paradoxen en perspectieven.

Aula - Oude Lutherse kerk

Room Location

Singel 411
1012 XM Amsterdam