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In this lecture Professor Johan Bollen is invited to talk about his fellowship on modelling cognitive and behavioural changes associated with internalising disorders from large-scale social media data.

Event details of Modeling cognitive and behavioral changes associated with mental health
Date 24 March 2021
Time 16:00 -17:00


Presentation: 30 minutes

Q&A: 15 - 20 minutes

The Q&A session will be based on questions from the audience. Questions will be curated in advance. You can submit your questions in advance at with as topic #UMHlectureseries. We aim to respond to questions raised during the lecture as well, but may not be able to because of time.

Speaker: prof. Johan Bollen

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About the lectures

The Centre for Urban Mental Health is organising a series of online lectures to highlight expertise and current thinking on complexity science and urban mental health.

At the Centre for Urban Mental Health, we aim to unravel new pathways to improve urban mental health that takes into account the complexities and dynamics of mental health problems and mental health disorders in an urban environment.