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The Centre for Urban Mental Health is organising a series of online lectures to highlight expertise and current thinking on complexity science and urban mental health.

Event details of Lecture: Exploring trajectories of comorbid depression and physical health
Date 26 May 2021
Time 16:00 -17:00

At the Centre for Urban Mental Health, we aim to unravel new pathways to improve urban mental health that takes into account the complexities and dynamics of mental health problems and mental health disorders in an urban environment.

For the coming lecture, we are delighted to welcome Professor Brian Castellani to talk about his recent work on modeling comorbid depression and physical health trajectories using the SACS toolkit - a computationally grounded, mixed methods framework to model complex phenomena. The toolkit allows to account for the diversity of patients to further improve intervention and treatment prognostics.

About prof. Brian Castellani

Brian Castellani is a professor of sociology at Durham University, adjunct professor of psychiatry at Northeastern Ohio Medical University and currently also a research fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Amsterdam. He was trained as a sociologist, clinical psychologist and methodologist. In his work, he combines all areas by developing and applying new methodologies to pressing questions of researchers, policy makers and service providers. His past years have been characterized by developing the SACS toolkit - a new case-based, data-mining approach to modelling complex social systems. Brian's research interests include complexities of place and health; communities and global civil society; computational modeling and mixed-methods; complexity theory and policy evaluation; as well as big data and digital sociology.

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