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Jelske Dijkstra’s study focuses on the role of language input in bilingual toddlers living in Friesland. In particular, she looked at the role that language input plays in the development of vocabulary and average sentence length in the Frisian and Dutch languages in children between the ages of two-and-a-half and four years old. Dijkstra also investigated the relationship between vocabulary and average sentence length.

Event details of Growing up bilingual in Friesland
Date 10 October 2013
Time 14:00 -15:00

J.E. Dijkstra, Growing Up with Frisian and Dutch. The Role of Language Input in the Early Development of Frisian and Dutch among Preschool Children in Friesland.


Prof. F. Kuiken and Prof. R.J.J.M. Jorna † (Fryske Akademy & RUG)


Dr E.L. Klinkenberg (Fryske Akademy)


Martinikerk, Breedeplaats 2, Franeker




Free of charge