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Felipe Bernal Arango explores ways in which we can more intuitively understand and design complex nanophotonic structures that are composed of metal scatterers embedded in dielectric structures. Metal scatterers are currently studied very intensively in the field of 'plasmonics'. Structures made of noble metals can act as very strong 'antennas' that strongly scatter and confine light. Bernal Arango specifically targets the question how antennas can be integrated with dielectric structures such as waveguides, which can losslessly carry information and could be the next step of the revolution in information technology started by optical fibers.

Event details of Optical antennas on substrates and waveguides
Date 19 September 2014
Time 11:00 -12:00
Location Aula - Lutherse kerk

F.A. Bernal Arango, Optical Antennas on Substrates and Waveguides.


Prof. A.F. Koenderink

Aula - Lutherse kerk

Singel 411
1012 XM Amsterdam


This event is open to the public.