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Nonadherence to antipsychotic medication is highly prevalent in patients with schizophrenia and leads to unfavourable outcomes, such as a five-fold risk of hospitalisation, elevated risks for suicide and aggresive incidents and increased overall costs. The causes of nonadherence are diverse and consist of obvious factors such as medication side effects and unawareness of illness. Emile Barkhof reviews the effects of existing interventions to improve adherence rates and examines in more detail the effects of a specific intervention, Motivational Interviewing (MI), on treatment adherence and its consequences in patients with schizophrenia.

Event details of Adherence to treatment in patients with schizophrenia
Date 13 February 2015
Time 13:00 -14:00
Location Aula - Lutherse kerk

E. Barkhof, Motivation for Adherence to Treatment in Chronic Psychotic Disorders: Intervention Strategies and Social Cognitive Factors.


Prof. L. de Haan


Dr C.J. Meijer

Dr L.M.J. Sonneville

Aula - Lutherse kerk

Singel 411
1012 XM Amsterdam


This event is open to the public.