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The arable areas suitable for high yielding elite crops are getting scarce due to decreasing availability of fresh water and increasing soil salinisation. In order to breed new crops with a higher salinity tolerance, insight is needed into the reaction of plants to salt and why some plants are more sensitive to salt than others. Magdalena Julkowska investigates the effects of salt stress on Arabidopsis thaliana, which is regularly used as a model plant.

Event details of The effect of salt stress on plants
Date 30 April 2015
Time 12:00 -13:00
Location Agnietenkapel

M.M. Julkowska, Tuned to Survive: Salt Stress Induced Changes in Arabidopsis.


Prof. M.A. Haring


Dr C.S. Testerink


Oudezijds Voorburgwal 229 - 231
1012 EZ Amsterdam


This event is open to the public.