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Microbial plankton form the basis of the food web in aquatic habitats. Due to their vast abundances they influence the cycling of elements and the earth’s climate at a global scale. The growth and functioning of microbial plankton communities are strongly influenced by environmental factors, in particular by temperature and the availability of nutrients and light. Verena Brauer seeks to better understand how these factors affect microbial plankton communities, which is highly relevant in the context of global climate change.

Event details of The growth and functioning of microbial plankton
Date 9 April 2015
Time 10:00 -11:00
Location Agnietenkapel

V.S.  Brauer, Growth and Functioning of the Microbial Plankton Community: Effects of Temperature, Nutrients and Light.


Prof. J. Huisman
Prof. L.J. Stal


Dr M. Stomp
Prof. F.J. Weissing (RUG)


Oudezijds Voorburgwal 229 - 231
1012 EZ Amsterdam


This event is open to the public.