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Contemporary globalisation is characterised by an expansion of global production networks in services. Developments in information and communications technology have enabled the relocation of services across national borders. Jana Kleibert focuses on the offshore service sector in the Philippines, exploring how and why the sector has emerged, how it has evolved and what its impact has been on economic development.

Event details of The offshore service sector in the Phillipines
Date 23 June 2015
Time 12:00 -13:00
Location Agnietenkapel
Room Location

J.M. Kleibert:  The Emergence, Evolution and the Developmental Impact of the Offshore Service Sector in the Philippines


Prof. R.C. Kloosterman


Dr N.P.C. Beerepoot


Room Location

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 229 - 231
1012 EZ Amsterdam


This event is open to the public.