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Damage associated molecular patterns, also known as ‘alarmins’, are endogenous molecules that are released by in the event of tissue injury or infection. They are recognized by pattern recogniton receptors. Alarmins activate innate immune cells and thereby act as danger signals to promote and perpetuate inflammation; uncontrolled release of alarmins can lead to dysregulated inflammatory response. Ahmed Achouiti studies and describes two alarmins and their receptors in several infectious diseases.

Event details of Danger signals in infectious diseases
Date 23 September 2015
Time 14:00 -15:00
Location Agnietenkapel
Room Location

A. Achouiti: Endogenous Danger Signals in Infectious Diseases.


Prof. T. van der Poll


Dr C. van ’t Veer

Dr A.F. de Vos


Room Location

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 229 - 231
1012 EZ Amsterdam


This event is open to the public.