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Hielke Hijmans’s research focuses on privacy and data protection as essential values in democratic societies, and the way in which globalisation and technological developments have inhibited the protection of these values by governments. The EU’s role in ensuring these fundamental rights is broadly formulated, taking the form of judicial review, legislation and supervision by independent authorities. The imperative of protection is laid down at the constitutional level, empowering the Union to play its role as constitutional guardian of privacy and data protection. Hijmans focuses specifically on Article 16 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. This Article, read in connection with Articles 7 and 8 of the Fundamental Rights of the Union, lays down the tasks of the EU in relation to privacy and data protection as fundamental rights of individuals.

Event details of European Union as guardian of privacy and data protection
Date 5 February 2016
Time 13:00 -14:00
Location Aula - Oude Lutherse kerk
Room Location

This is a joint doctorate with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

H. Hijmans: The European Union as a Constitutional Guardian of Internet Privacy and Data Protection: the Story of Article 16TFEU.


Prof.N.A.N.M. van Eijk

Prof. P.J.A. De Hert

Aula - Oude Lutherse kerk

Room Location

Singel 411
1012 XM Amsterdam


This event is open to the public