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Mischa Husin investigates whether HIV infection increases susceptibility to severe bacterial infections and sepsis, and whether it has a negative impact on morbidity and mortality. She also investigates the hypothesis that HIV co-infection during sepsis may cause a more profound imbalance between pro- and anti-inflammatory host responses. Huson studied patients in Gabon and the Netherlands. In Gabon, she also included malaria patients in her study to investigate the impact of HIV infection on the host repsonse in a different infectious disease.

Event details of Sepsis in HIV-infected patients
Date 25 May 2016
Time 12:00 -13:00

M.A.M. Huson: Sepsis in HIV-Infected Patients; Epidemiology and Host Response.


Prof. M.P. Grobusch

Prof. T. van der Poll


This event is open to the public.