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Ovarian stimulation with gonadotropins is an integral part of IVF treatment. It was introduced with the aim of increasing the number of embryo’s to compensate for poor embryo quality, but is now being used to enable the selection of the best embryo for fresh transfer and the cryopreservation of surplus embryo’s. The resulting yield depends on the follicle pool. In women with a normal or elevated ovarian reserve, high doses can provoe an excessive response, resulting in ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Mohamed Youssef focuses on evaluating the most widely used pharmacologic interventions for the prevention of this syndrome.

Event details of Preventing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
Date 2 November 2016
Time 11:00 -12:00

M.A.F.M. Youssef: Ovarian Stimulation in IVF in Relation to Ovarian Response


Prof. F. van der Veen

Prof. H.G.A.W.M. Al-Inany (Cairo University)


Dr M. van Wely

Dr M.H. Mochtar


This event is open to the public.