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The !Xun and Khwe are displaced and marginalized communities residing in Platfontein, a township near Kimberley, South Africa. Their disruptive histories, including involvement in regional conflicts and forced displacements, and socioeconomic conditions are known to negatively affect mental well-being. Thijs den Hertog carries out ethnographic research into the role of context in understanding mental suffering among the !Xun and Khwe.

Event details of Conceptualisations of mental suffering among displaced peoples
Date 5 July 2018
Time 11:00 -12:00
Location Aula - Lutherse kerk
Room Location

T.N. den Hertog: 'We have come out of one place: it is called Omega'. An Ethnographic Study on the Role of Context in Understanding Mental Suffering among the !Xun and Khwe of South Africa.


Prof. R. Reis


Dr H. Wels (VU)

Aula - Lutherse kerk

Room Location

Singel 411
1012 XM Amsterdam


This event is open to the public.