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In a number of animal species two male types can be distinguished of 'majors' and 'minors' that use different reproductive tactics. Generally majors use pre-copulatory attributes such as weapons or ornaments and minors are thought to invest more in post-copulatory attributes that increase the chances of fertilising ova during or after mating. To test whether minors also invest more in postcopulatory attributes that increase female fecundity (and are thus also useful outside sperm competitions) Tom van den Beuken studies the reproductive strategies of the male-dimorphic bulb mite.

Event details of Reproductive tactics of bulb mites
Date 18 January 2019
Time 13:00 -14:00
Location Aula - Lutherse kerk
Room Location

T.P.G. van den Beuken: Male Morph Coexistence in the Bulb Mite Rhizoglyphus Robini – A Minor’s Guide to Reproduction.


Prof. P.C. de Ruiter


Dr I.M. Smallegange

Aula - Lutherse kerk

Room Location

Singel 411
1012 XM Amsterdam


This event is open to the public.