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In the eighteenth century, to cover the massively increasing costs of warfare, governments started a process that scholars have identified as "financial revolution": incurring a national debt by borrowing money from the public. Whether this new way of financing warfare was successful depended on people's willingness and ability to invest their private property in the state. Lina Weber investigates the public perception of cross border investment in Great Britain and the Dutch Republic, two countries that shared an extraordinarily intense financial involvement.

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Date 12 June 2019
Time 10:00 - 11:00
Location Agnietenkapel

L. Weber: Bound By Debt. Political Arguments Concerning State Finance in Great Britain and the Dutch Republic, 1694-1795.


Prof. W.R.E. Velema


Dr I.J.A. Nijenhuis


This eevent is open to the public.


Oudezijds Voorburgwal 229 - 231
1012 EZ Amsterdam

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