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On 16 October, the new 'UvA in the spotlight' section was launched, which features interviews with groundbreaking reseachers and professors of international allure from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) who are conducting inspiring research.



The first interview shines a spotlight on Henkjan Honing, professor of Cognitive and Computational Musicology at the UvA. In this interview, Prof. Honing gives more insight into his innovative research, which has attracted worldwide media attention and explains the science behind man’s innate musicality and how it can be harnessed for the common good.


A new interview will be published every two weeks. The following interview, to be published on 30 October 2012, will feature Erik Verlinde, professor of Theoretical Physics who will share his insights into string theory and cosmology, as well as his views on rethinking gravity and the race to find a Theory of Everything to unlock our universe.