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Four research projects at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) have received grants from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research’s (NWO) Religion in Modern Society research programme. The programme funds and encourages research into the dynamics of religion in the Netherlands.

Theology and Religious Studies: Religious Studies

In total, the NWO has earmarked €4 million for the Religion in Modern Society programme, which has been allocated to nine research projects. Researchers involved in these projects will be working closely with civil society and commercial organisations. Ultimately, the projects should generate valuable insights for policy-makers, administrators and professionals working in healthcare, education, business and the public sector.

Grant allocations

Islam and Judaism in public debate and modern political theory

Prof. Yolande Jansen (Philosophy, UvA and VU University Amsterdam)

Public debates surrounding Islam and Judaism often draw on arguments about the relationship between religion and politics that have their roots in Enlightenment philosophies. In this project, Jansen will explore how the perception of Jews and Muslims takes shape and what role arguments play in this process.

Dutch church-state relations in flux

Prof. James Kennedy (Dutch History)

Kennedy is investigating the shifts characterising Dutch government policy on religious groups from the mid-1960s through to the present day. He hereby seeks to develop a vital historical understanding of the contentious and continuously disputed relationship between church and state.

Muslim activism in the Netherlands after 1989

Prof. Annelies Moors (Anthropology)

Islam is a hotly debated topic in Europe, but what role are Muslims themselves playing in the debate? In this project, Moors compares the variety of positions that Muslim activists have taken in Dutch public discussions about Islam since 1989. A special focus will be placed on gender and social media.

Relations between Jews and Muslims in Amsterdam and London

Prof. Gerard Wiegers (Religious Studies)

Jewish and Islamic groups in Europe are connected by complex and sensitive relationships. Wiegers will be comparing those relationships as they exist in Amsterdam and London, examining the local, national and international factors which influence the relationships.