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A network of six universities (with the University of Amsterdam as project coordinator) and several companies have obtained a 3.6 million euro grant from the European FP7 Marie Curie programme for the EDUWORKS project.


The aim of the project is to generate a clearer understanding of the mechanisms underlying matching between individuals, education and the labour market. The ultimate goal of EDUWORKS is to create a joint European research and training programme. Part of the research will be conducted at the private and public organisations within the network. 

Understanding how the matching process works can prevent mismatches with respect to skills and qualifications, and can lead to an improved balance between the supply of and demand for labour.  


Recent developments in human resources management, knowledge management, life-long learning, occupational sociology and labour economics have opened the door to interaction between these areas and paved the way for an interdisciplinary approach.

From this new multidisciplinary perspective, researchers will analyse the matching of position requirements with the capacities of both current and future employees, as well as the demand for labour from companies and organisations. The analysis will look not only at the extent to which individual skills and capacities correspond to position requirements (i.e. duties) and the needs of organisations, but also at the manner in which organisations allocate duties to particular jobs/positions. Core research themes include life-long learning, job and position descriptions, national and European job mobility, and the associated knowledge systems.  

EDUWORKS aims to teach talented young researchers (12 PhD students and three post-docs in total) about the socio-economic and psychological dynamics of supply and demand on the labour market, as well as the matching process. Three of the PhD students will work at the UvA’s Amsterdam Business School (ABS), and two post-docs will go to the UvA’s Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS). The project will run from October 2013 until October 2017. 

Participating organisations

The following organisations are participating in the project: the University of Amsterdam (ABS and AIAS), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), the University of Salamanca (Spain), Corvinno Technology Transfer Center (Hungary), the University of Siegen (Germany) and the Central European University (Hungary).

Companies from industries with relevant practical expertise (such as Randstad, Ericsson and ECORYS) have also committed to EDUWORKS.

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