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Paul Doop will be stepping down as vice-president of the Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences/Hogeschool van Amsterdam (AUAS/HvA) in November of this year. Doop will join the Executive Board of the Haaglanden Medical Centre (MCH) on 1 January 2014, and during the course of that year take up a new position as chair of the Executive Board of the merged MCH and Bronovo hospitals in the Hague/Leidschendam.

Mr. P. Doop

‘We’re very sad to see Paul go, but he certainly deserves this new opportunity, as do the hospitals in the Hague,’ explained Louise Gunning, president of the Executive Board of the UvA-AUAS/HvA. ‘Paul has given many years of his life to the UvA and the AUAS/HvA. He has worked extremely hard and achieved a great deal. We are deeply indebted to him.’ Doop became vice-president and member of the Executive Board in September 2006, and was reappointed for a second term in 2010. He served as acting chairperson of the Executive Board from July 2011 to April 2012. He is also an interim member of the Executive Board of the Academic Medical Centre (AMC-UvA) in Amsterdam. 

‘Paul professionalised and modernised the structure and finances of the UvA and the AUAS/HvA,’ explains Gunning.  ‘That is his legacy. He genuinely helped us turn the organisation around.’ Among other things, Paul Doop’s portfolio included general operational management, finances and ICT. He was also responsible for the accommodations policy, aimed at concentrating teaching activities at a limited number of locations around the city. The results of his efforts are visible at Science Park Amsterdam, where construction of the new science faculty was completed in 2010, and at the AUAS/HvA’s Amstel Campus, which is well on its way to being completed.  Doop also oversaw the start of the Roeterseiland renovations.

Rector Magnificus Dymph van den Boom, member of the Executive Board since October 2007, worked closely with Doop during the last few years. ‘We’ll greatly miss Paul. He made an enormous contribution to the internal organisation of the UvA and the AUAS/HvA, and was responsible for the integration of the central services for building management and administration. That will serve him well during the impending merger of the MCH and Bronovo hospitals.’ 

Student housing was equally high on his agenda, leading him to initiate intensive collaborations with other Amsterdam-based institutions and the City of Amsterdam. He further clearly understood the importance of collaboration in the areas of knowledge valorisation and innovation. Doop made huge efforts to strengthen and expand the ties with the business community. He was also the driving force behind the UvA and the AUAS/HvA’s efforts to promote sustainability, not only in operational management but also in teaching and research.  

Atzo Nicolaï, chair of the UvA and AUAS/HvA Supervisory Boards, commends Doop for his dedication and effectiveness: ‘Both Boards are highly appreciative of the inspiring way in which Paul gave shape to his position as a Board member. His decisiveness and sense of loyalty allowed him to achieve a great deal. Paul is dedicated to innovation and improvement, and those qualities are reflected in his work. He likes to push things forward, and that has certainly happened on his watch.’ 

The Executive Board will start the process of finding a suitable replacement. Until a replacement has been found, the other Executive Board members will take over Doop’s duties.