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The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is the highest-ranking educational institution in the Incompany500, an annual survey on the appeal and reputation of a broad range of organisations. Incompany presented the award to Prof. Dymph van de Boom, the UvA's Rector Magnificus, on Wednesday 21 May.

In Company 500 uitreiking
Left to right: Han van Dissel, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business; Prof. Dymph van den Boom, the UvA's Rector Magnificus (source: Incompany).

Holding a medium ranking a mere three years ago, the UvA has since rapidly risen to prominence. ‘A genuine bull run,’ according to the report. ‘The UvA is one of the most rapidly rising organisations in the ranking […]. They're really leaving the competition behind.’

The AMC-UvA wins the Healthcare category.

About Incompany500

Motivaction market research agency measures brands' appeal to the labour, business and investment markets on behalf of Incompany. Three thousand highly qualified business decision-makers spontaneously name three businesses and organisations that appeal to them in each of the three categories.