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Coolpolitics and Lowlands will give a stage to science at Lowlands 2014. At Lowlands University, UvA researchers Ewald Engelen, Frank Linde and Wouter Vansteeland will give lectures on global inequality, the Higgs particle and the behaviour of birds.

Lowlands in the evening
Photo: Flickr, Merlijn Hoek

Ewald Engelen

Ewald Engelen, professor of Financial Geography, will launch Lowlands University at 15:00 on Friday, 15 August with an incisive lecture about the causes of the financial crisis, legal corruption and the role of the Dutch shadow banking system in creating and perpetuating global inequality.

Frank Linde

At 13:45 on Saturday, 16 August, Frank Linde, professor of Experimental High Energy Physics and director of Nikhef, will explain how the Higgs particle allows us to understand the world just that little bit better.

Wouter Vansteelant

Doctoral candidate of Geo-ecology Wouter Vansteelant will conclude Lowlands University at 12:30 on Sunday, 17 August with a lecture on the ‘Vogel het uit!’ app, which lets users track birds 24/7 thanks to their GPS backpacks. The new smartphone app means everyone can get involved in scientific research and help try to explain the occasionally odd behaviour of birds.