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Three research schools with which the UvA is involved are each to receive 850,000 euros for the development of young academic talent. The schools concerned are the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis, Yield, and the Graduate Programme Latin American Studies. These grants will allow each of the graduate schools to assist four doctoral candidates in developing their own ideas.

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

Grants were awarded to eleven of the sixteen research schools that applied for them. The funds are part of the NWO's (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) Graduate Programme. The purpose of this is to further strengthen the graduate schools' educational and research programmes that focus on young academic talent.

Freedom for first-time researchers

Graduate schools are constituent parts of one or more universities/institutions and focus on very talented students aspiring to an academic career. Even as early as their Master’s programme, these bright prospects can acquaint themselves with scientific research. The graduate schools are able to attract the finest national and international talent, from among whom candidates with the greatest potential are selected to take up a doctoral position. The outstanding educational and research facilities provided are modelled on some of the most successful initiatives in the world.

Research schools and graduate schools can apply for grants from the NWO's Graduate Programme. The applications are evaluated by external advisors and a broad scientific committee.

UvA grants 

  • Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis (UvA, VU, UL, UU, RU, UM, RUG, EUR)
    The Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis (NICA) is the national research school for cultural analysis, cultural studies and culture theory, and more generally, for interdisciplinary and theoretical research into the humanities. The school offers courses for Research Master's students and doctoral candidates, and serves as a professional network for scholars.
  • Yield (UvA)
    Yield is a research priority area within the UvA's Research Institute of Child Development and Education. Here, multidisciplinary research is conducted into the bioecology of human development from birth to adulthood. Researchers call upon a wide range of disciplines such as medicine, psychology, educational theory, education, communication, economics and psychometrics.
  • Graduate Programme Latin American Studies (UvA, VU, UU, UL)
    The Graduate Programme Latin American Studies (LASP) is an interuniversity education programme at both a Master’s and a doctoral level, and is coordinated by the Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation (CEDLA). The programme is focuses on the political, cultural and economic transformations in Latin America within the context of globalisation processes.