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The UvA’s Supervisory Board has unanimously approved a proposal to appoint a student member to the Executive Board and faculty management. The deans also unanimously support the proposal.

The proposal for student board members was tabled by the Central Student Council and faculty student councils. This morning, representatives held talks with the Executive Board about such a proposal following last night’s events.

Louise Gunning, president of the Executive Board: ‘After hearing the student councils’ proposal, we discussed it with all of the deans and the Supervisory Board. The precise details, such as the manner of appointment and exact responsibilities, still need to be fleshed out. We will look at other universities where such an arrangement already exists, such as Groningen University. We want to make sure that we choose the best possible system. A number of faculties have also experimented with such a system. The aim is to increase students’ engagement and influence.’ 

How such a student board member will be appointed or added to the Board is currently not known. The precise details will be discussed with the Central Student Council.