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On Friday, 27 March, the UvA’s Executive Board will take part in talks with a joint delegation of ReThink, De Nieuwe Universiteit, Humanities Rally and the FNV trade union on the involvement of these organisations in the two committees.

Last week, the UvA released an update of the 10-point plan in which it announced the creation of committee that will issue proposals for the modernisation of university governance. Furthermore, a committee of inquiry will be formed which will look at the UvA’s finances together with its real estate policy. 

In their response to the 10-point plan, the joint action groups demanded – together with the central representative advisory bodies – a majority of the seats in the two committees. The composition of the committees will be discussed during the meeting on Friday.

Management culture and democratisation

A committee with an independent chairperson will be established to make proposals for modernising the way the UvA is governed. The committee’s assignment will be formulated by the Executive Board and faculty deans in partnership with the central representative advisory bodies. The different action groups such as Rethink, De Nieuwe Universiteit and Humanities Rally will also (if possible) be involved. 

Finance and real estate

As regards finance and real estate, the representative advisory bodies will create a committee. The representative advisory bodies will formulate an assignment for this committee. Questions raised by staff and students (including the action groups) will also be included.