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The Central Works Council (COR), Central Student Council (CSR), De Nieuwe Universiteit (DNU), Humanities Rally (HR), Rethink UvA and unions have come to an agreement with the Executive Board on the creation of two independent committees. The talks have now moved to the next stage. All those involved see this as an important step towards the further democratisation of the University of Amsterdam.

Two independent committees will be created that will enjoy the support and confidence of the entire academic community. One committee will look into the university’s financial situation. The COR and CSR are already discussing this with the academic community. A second committee will investigate and issue recommendations on the possibilities for decentralisation and democratisation at the UvA. 

The COR, CSR, DNU, HR, ReThink UvA and unions will jointly - and on an equal footing -  initiate the process of assembling the committees and formulating their mandates, and will subsequently consult with the academic community. The initiators will then finalise the composition and mandate. Throughout the enquiry process, the committees will regularly and openly report their findings and will collect input from all sections of the university.

The committees will formulate recommendations and will present these to the academic community. On approval by the academic community, these will then be implemented. The approval process will take place in accordance with the committees’ proposals. 

On behalf of the Executive Board, Louise Gunning, president of the Board, adds the following: ‘I am glad that the talks have resulted in an agreement. Over the last few days, extensive discussions have been held. It is good that these have led to an equal partnership. It is important that the COR, CSR, DNU, HR, ReThink UvA and unions can now take concrete steps and that committees can be created which enjoy the confidence of the entire academic community.’