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A number of talks were held this past week at the various faculties between the Executive Board and the faculties’ students and staff. The talks centred on various issues.

At the Faculty of Law, the talks primarily centred on the allocation model, 8-8-4 and the formation of a faculty board. At the Faculty of Humanities, a great deal of attention was devoted to reforming the representative advisory bodies and restoring confidence. At the Faculty of Science, the talks centred on, among other things, the administrative pressure caused by the accreditation system and the creation of a possible faculty board.

A meeting will take place at the Faculty of Economics and Business on Thursday, 19 March. A meeting has not yet been planned at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. The Academic Centre for Dentistry in Amsterdam will organise a meeting in which the Executive Boards of the UvA and VU University Amsterdam (VU) will be involved.  

Meeting with the Union Committee

On Monday, 16 March, the Executive Board held a meeting with the Union Committee (Vakbondsactiecomité). The issues that were discussed included the letter sent by the Committee on 9 March 2015 and the Board’s 10-point letter. The Committee noted that the letter meets three of its demands. As regards the Committee’s other demands, which in particular concerned employees’ legal position, a number of concrete steps have been taken. This especially applies to the issue of temporary contracts, about which process agreements were made this past Friday with the Human Resource Management Committee and representatives from the University Local Consultative Committee (UCLO).

Weekly meetings  

During the weekly meeting with the Board this past Monday, various topics were discussed, including 8-8-4. The question was also asked about whether new structures are needed within the UvA or if we should discuss a cultural shift. This issue was also discussed during the debate marathon on 19 March. In closing, talks were also held on the creation of a committee which will supervise the elaboration and implementation of the 10-point plan.