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About two weeks ago, Edgar du Perron, dean of the Faculty of Law, was asked to temporarily join the Executive Board as vice-dean. Within this role, Du Perron will be charged with facilitating the democratisation of the university.

Edgar du Perron

Every week, Du Perron will take part in Executive Board meetings on matters relating to the democratisation agenda. The Executive Board will remain responsible for decision-making. Du Perron will not be present when matters are dealt with that might present a conflict of interests with his position as dean.

The Executive Board and vice-dean Du Perron have jointly formulated the following job description: 

  • Facilitate the two committees – as agreed with the representative advisory bodies and action groups – and ensure that the conclusions and outcomes are presented to the academic community for implementation.
  • Elaborate the 10-point plan and ensure that the specified goals are achieved.
  • Communicate the democratisation agenda and regularly report back to the academic community about the agenda.
  • Facilitate and promote free debate about democratisation within the UvA.