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The appointment of Hendrik van Moorsel as chair of the Finance Committee marks the start of the committee's activities. The committee will investigate a number of matters including the financial aspects of the 2005-2020 Accommodations Plan, the UvA's capital reserve policy and the University's financial situation.

The pre-committee, made up of members of the representative advisory bodies and various action groups, led the committee membership selection procedure. Van Moorsel, who served as interim chair following Halsema's departure before the summer, received the committee's vote of confidence to head up the further investigations. 

Members of the finance committee

Van Moorsel works for Galan Group, a Dutch consultancy firm, and is an expert in the field of accountancy. The other committee members are Hester Bais, a lawyer, founder of Bais Legal and an expert in legal and financial matters; Dick Schuiling, a former associate professor with expertise in urban planning and real estate; Paul Wouters, professor of Scientometrics and director of the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS); and Victor Elff, former director of the Amsterdam Court of Auditors and a financial management specialist.


The committee will commence its preliminary investigations with immediate effect. These are expected to take until early November. The committee aims to issue its final investigation report in the second quarter of 2016. The academic community will be given an opportunity to provide input for the investigation.